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JDF 20

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JDF 1 JDF 1 Restoration

Photo Restoration and Artwork  Pages

JDF 2 JDF 2 Restoration JDF 20 Enlarged JDF 20 Restored with the sepia colour corrected


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BIG JOHNS 3 COLLAGE  copy MADLEY 1949 COLLAGE  copy JDF 20 Restored -  black and white

Restored & white

Original un-restored image





Enlarge, two halves of picture,

Put them back together, Remove flaws,

Reconstruct and repaint missing facial features and other stuff.

Restore and repaint foliage in background and enhance. Remove sepia colour,

Replace sepia colour,

Create optional corrected sepia copy,

Create optional grayscale copy, a

Add new border.


Restored  image.....sepia

JDF 20 Restored

Restored  image

original sepia